Providing Real World Skills And A Broader Worldview

Rapid changes in technology and geopolitics have transformed the world of commerce — every company today truly competes on a global stage. The “globalization” of business demands new kinds of leadership skills and richer multicultural perspectives. It also demands a different kind of executive MBA training.

Our Global EMBA Program is designed to prepare today’s executives for the new competitive realities. The program develops real world skills that translate into real world business decisions. You’ll expand your knowledge of business fundamentals and core management tools. You’ll also broaden your understanding of the international stage by participating in an invaluable international residency. In this intensive session, you’ll study contemporary international business issues and work in teams to craft solutions to address specific global business challenges.

Each of our seven–week modules is available online. You’ll complete two to four courses per module, all at your convenience in an innovative and technology–rich online format.


Welcome from the Director


“The magnitude of upcoming change will be stunning – We are still in Spring Training.”Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins, 2012, on the re-imagination of nearly everything – industry, society and careers – resulting from new devices, smartphones, connectivity and user interfaces.

Organizations and careers are also rapidly changing with more distributed and virtual organizations, decreasing average years of tenure and increased number of career transitions.

The George Mason EMBA with its Global and National Defense Tracks is oriented towards executive leadership and success in this rapidly changing economy and career environment.

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